Policy for reserving ROOM 309 (note: 9/28/16 - Room 309 is unavailable due to renovations during the Fall 2016 semester). 

• Room 309 is reserved exclusively for library instruction for the first 6 weeks of every semester. The Head of Reference is the only person who may make an exception.

• The room may be booked for ETSU departments to use after the initial 6 weeks.

• The room will be reserved by contacting the Head of Reference (Kathy Campbell @

• The key to room 309 will be checked out/returned at the Circulation/Checkout desk on the first floor.

• If there are any technical problems with the equipment in 309 call Billy Franklin 9-4011.

• During the evening walk through the building, 309 should be checked to make sure the door is locked and the projector and lights are turned off.

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