Q: What do I do if a database or journal asks for a password?


The ETSU Open Athens Login

Many of the resources provided by the library are accessible to ETSU affiliates through a login screen that looks like this:

For those encountering this screen, getting access to a resource will be as simple as logging in with your current ETSU credentials.


Other Logins

Other log-in prompts you encounter may look similar to this:


Users will typically encounter these types of prompts if they began their search for resources outside of a library search, e.g. on Google. If you find a prompt like this you will have a few different options. "Access through your institution" will typically allow you to search for "East Tennessee State University," which will then redirect you to a university login. If this method does not work, try visiting the Sherrod Library website and, from there, searching for the article or database you are interested in.

If all else fails, don't hesitate to get in touch with a librarian for more assistance.



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