Q: Why are Films on Demand links not working correctly in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint?


This is a known issue documented by Films on Demand. This occurs due to a facilitation issue caused by Microsoft's handling of links in Microsoft Office documents. Upon clicking a Films on Demand link in Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint, you may be directed to a login page (or error message). 

There are some workarounds you can attempt:

  • During your presentation, you can copy the URL from PowerPoint and manually paste it in a browser. This will bypass the issue. 
  •  If you already have the Films on Demand website loaded in a browser window before clicking the link inside Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint, the link will work as expected (it may load two windows, however). 
  • You may also create a Films on Demand playlist, containing the desired videos you want to play, and post the Playlist URL into a Microsoft Office document or PowerPoint presentation. The Playlist URL will not prompt you with a log-in screen and will take you directly to the videos within the playlist.

Additional Information is available below.

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